Phillip + Laura 7.22.17

Life is full of firsts.

They bring such joy to our lives that they are kept up with from the time we are born. First smile, first bath, first laugh. First steps, first word, first day of school. First dance, first car, first date.

Then a new stage begins and the firsts become lasts. First chance meeting, first date, first kiss. Memories are made, a knee is taken and a future is promised.

That is where our story begins.

This day marked a first for us and my heart wasn’t ready.


The sun rose early through the suite window and greeted our first bride; a good morning wake up call to Laura and her bridesmaids. The morning passed quickly as preparations were made, hair was pinned, and dresses were stepped into.


Vests were buttoned and ties tied.


I spent the day memorizing moments. Taking notes. Seeing all the firsts take place. And I know one thing for sure, I will forever be grateful for this day.

The time arrived and everyone took their places. I cried as I stood at the back taking witness to the first look.

Their first look. And mine.


Their first prayer.


Their first kiss.


Their first walk hand in hand.


Their first introduction as Mr. & Mrs. Lowery


Their first time serving one another.


There are moments in life that are forever with you. This is one for me. Nikki Pulley did a fabulous job capturing them all.

This was a dream for us. Prayed about and all planned out. And Because it was Gods will for our lives, it became a reality. Firefly Lane became real.

So here we are celebrating their first and ours.

Congratulations Phillip & Laura on a beautiful day! I pray that as time quickly passes you will remember this day. Remember the joy you felt, the love you had, and the butterflies that fluttered. I pray you will always stay close to the Lord, seeking His will for your life. There is no greater way.

Thank you for having the courage to trust us with your first moments, even when you were sharing in our first moments too.

I wish you a lifetime of walking hand in hand.IMG_1192.PNG

Always give Grace


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