Trevor + Ariel 8.12.17


This wedding was absolutely beautiful. Everything.

August is so full of color. Brilliant shades of green.

IMG_1226Gorgeous butterflies resting among the beautiful wildflowers.

Stephanie Benge Pearson did a phenomenal job not only capturing the love of Trevor and Ariel, but also taking time to zoom in on the beauty of nature.

IMG_1222A promise of forever.

IMG_1220I just love this picture! Heart skips a beat…..

We have worked for months to prepare for this. To prepare for every single bride and groom to have their perfect moment. Everything in me comes alive when I see nature at its best. When I see a bride and groom full of love and joy on our property.

Heart Explosion.

IMG_1223Words really cannot describe what a fabulous job Tim Myatt did in creating the flower arrangements. He is so incredibly talented!

Seriously gorgeous.

IMG_1224The night came to a close with lots of dancing on the covered patio. I cannot think of a better way to end a beautiful summer night.

IMG_1219Congratulations Trevor and Ariel! Thank you so much for trusting us with your dream. We enjoyed every second of getting to know you and celebrate with you.

We wish you many years of incredible love!

Always Give Grace and take time to Chase Fireflies



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