Cody + Megan 9.29.17


Absolutely stunning.

I mean, seriously, Megan stepped through the barn doors looking like a dream. Wearing a classic lace gown with perfect long stem roses in her hands.


As she stepped through the doors to meet her groom my eyes filled with tears. She and I developed a quick friendship as she was planning her wedding here with us. I was so drawn to her kind spirit and the pure joy she had for her man and their love story. That is one of my favorite things about my job…. I love our brides and the friendships I build with them.


Veil shots are so amazingly romantic! There is just something about a bride and groom coming together under a veil. Eyes closed. Lips moving toward one another. Great anticipation of what is to come. And what already is.


Cody and Megan united their families on a beautiful September day. An absolutely perfect ceremony that brought to life the theme they had chosen. With bright blue tuxedos and yellow ties for the groom and his men and blue dresses for the bridesmaids. All pulled together with red roses.


Once Megans son (the ring bearer) and Codys daughter (the flower girl) started making their way down the aisle it was clear the vision they had.


Can you see it? Can you see the childhood dream coming true?

I can’t think of many princesses better than Belle. Well…..maybe Elsa. There isn’t anything better than turning things to ice and making it snow. However, talking with a teacup & candlestick and dancing with a beast is definitely at the top!

The reception came together with the same colors and all the magical details needed for a fairytale wedding. Tables were complete with books and roses and all the magic we remember from the movie.

After a fabulous night of dinner & dancing and toasts & more dancing, Cody and Megan walked away hand in hand. Husband and wife. Holding on to the pure joy of promising their forever to one another. Celebrating their two families becoming one.


Wishing you a lifetime of love, laughs, and kisses; all while walking hand in hard.

I am grateful I had the opportunity to celebrate your love story. Thankful for our growing friendship, the hugs, and still seeing your eyes light up.



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