David + Kylee 11.4.17

Wedding day is not just another day. Wedding day is real. It is dynamic. It is the beginning of a forever promise. A once in a lifetime love. Vows.


Every couple has ideas of what makes wedding day perfect for them. What aspects of the day they want to create and which ones they choose to stay with tradition. David and Kylee chose not to see one another. They chose to create their moment, their once in a lifetime first look, to be as she was walking down the aisle towards him.

The details and time leading up to that moment were astounding. White flowers and greenery filled the barn, with a warm candle glow throughout the space.

Details show who you are. They show what you love. And then they bring everything together with a perfect elegance. I love that Kylee chose a floral crown. It was absolutely gorgeous!


God was such a part of this wedding and I am so thankful I was able to witness it all. The way her girlfriends gathered around her for a moment of prayer before she was about to embark on one of the biggest adventures of her life.


This moment right here. This type of support system. This love would bring tears to anyone’s eyes.


It did hers. And it did mine.

I love a man who is so humbled by God and the woman that God has given him that he is brought to tears when reading her letter. Her words. Encouragement for the day. For the future.



All these months of planning lead to this one day. To this one day that will fly by.

Do whatever you can to make as many memories as possible. Breathe it in. Inhale the sights and memorize them.


God has given us all so much. David and Kylee invited their guests to break bread with them. This was their first official act as husband and wife; honoring God and their commitment to him and their marriage.

They gathered with their bridal party for a moment of prayer while their guests followed their steps in communion.


First kisses and hugs.

The joy in these faces is seriously the greatest. Every time we get to witness this love I’m reminded how good God is. How faithful. Sometimes we go down hard roads, but God is always faithful.

You will walk hand in hand with the one whom he created you for.


Bridal party is the best. This is your team. Your support. They are who you choose to stand beside you. In most cases they are the closest people to you at this stage in your life. They are also having to deal with your crazy (maybe you aren’t having any wedding crazy).

Have fun with them! Take some time and build some great memories with your bride tribe too! It’s these moments that will bring you laughter for years to come.


Their dance floor was busy all night. The joy of dancing your night away as husband and wife is so fun. At one point Kylee ran to me laughing and pulled me to the dance floor (do not attempt that– it may not be pretty)

It is your night. Jump on shoulders and kiss like you’re newly weds. Because you are.


Say goodbye to your night with sparks flying.

You and your one and only. Your once in a lifetime. You and your soulmate will walk hand in hand down our sidewalk and head on your way. You will look back and see the remaining lights flickering, feel your heart racing, hear your friends cheering, and see the barn’s glow.


I hope with all my heart that you will not only look back and see these things, but that you will look back and feel. Feel our love.



Amazing Photos by Jakob Wandel Photography

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