Daniel + Mackenzie 12.16.17

We All love Hallmark movies. I mean, if I am being honest, I have one on right now as I write this. My girls are 12 & 9 and often times I will walk through the living room in December and hear them watching one.

From the time we are young, we know what love is. We know what it is supposed to look like, based on what television shows us or what we see growing up at home. We grow into young adults knowing what we want and seeking that one person who has it.

One of the great things about my job is I get to walk with couples during the beginning of their love story. Some have been together for years and some only months. I love that when I meet couples they are head over heels and flying high in love. There is nothing like that feeling. I pray for each and every couple that walks through our doors that that never changes. That they always work hard and make that same love feeling a priority for life.

And then sometimes in the midst of life you meet a couple and walk into your own Hallmark movie. A movie starring the love of Daniel and Mackenzie.


This was the absolute perfect December wedding invitation.

‘Tis The Season To Be Married.


As guests walked toward the wedding they were drawn in with beautiful Christmas lanterns & greenery. If you are anything like me, then you love evergreens and the aroma they carry with them. Hands down, my favorite scent of the year.


Daniel & Mackenzie said their vows in front of our beautiful cross, covered in greenery and white roses. Absolutely classic.


Mackenzie was an absolute stunning bride! All the details on her dress, the lovely winter bouquet with the perfect touch of pine cones and berries, and that smile. Her smile and laugh were contagious and they didn’t leave the entire night.


Did you know that making your wedding personal is so important? It is a huge factor in making your day everything you want it to be.

You have to be sure you coordinate things that you each love. Things that tell who you are and what you love to do. Their boutonnieres did just that!

Shotgun shell boutonnieres anyone??


She gave Daniel a task, shoot enough rounds that we have enough shells. Of course, that wasn’t hard for him and his friends. And then Mackenzie made them personal.


When it comes to details, even the smallest things matter. Even something as small as “I Do” painted on your ring finger. Because when the time comes for a close up of your gorgeous bouquet, nails that stand out are a cherry on top.

A romantic glow from black lanterns add the perfect winter touch. Everything about their centerpiece choices screams Christmas. Hallmark Christmas, that is.

Speaking of cherries on top; I absolutely loved this cake. She tied the whole theme together by adding the dreamy, winter floral to the cake. I never dreamed pine cones and berries would look so lovely, adorned with greenery, on a cake.


Everything about this day gave you that Tis the Season feeling.

Winter weddings give you all the feels when you get to celebrate with Smore Bars and Hot Chocolate Bars, Candy Stations and Coffee Bars. Take time to enjoy the season and the warm drinks that come with it.


Life is busy. It is crazy busy in December.

Be sure to slow down. Notice the details everywhere.

Details are one of my favorite things and they will become yours when you slow down enough to notice them.

Especially in December…… take the time to breathe it in and enjoy the season.

Tis the Season to be Married.




One comment on “Daniel + Mackenzie 12.16.17”
  1. Pam Batey says:

    Loved this! All of it. So beautiful and beautifully written.

    Sent from my iPhone “That low-lying storm cloud that hangs over you, CANT master the light of Christ that raises you.”



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