Stephen + Courtney 3.3.18

The leaves are all gone and the trees are still bare. The weather wants to rise, but then it falls again. We all basically spend March patiently waiting for their return. The return of warmth and sunshine, the return of green. March is definitely the prefect time to bring out all things green for your wedding. Lots of the ever-trendy succulents.


These bouquets by Belles Fleurs Designs are absolutely stunning. The art and creativity that stands here is gorgeous! Greenery is purely classic and will always be a favorite.


When it comes to your wedding day, a beautiful wooden back drop and glowing string lights is the perfect way to make your reception stand out. Here at Firefly Lane those things are always here, always waiting for your celebration.

When you arrive, you add the perfect amount of you and everything that you love; making our space uniquely your own.


Creating the perfect reception space requires that you bring all things together with one look. Courtney’s vision for the cake was perfect and it tied everything together. From the bouquets to the centerpieces to the cake. Everything was green. And succulent.

Boro Town Cakes created a cake that was not only delicious, but also had the perfect amount of succulents cascading down.

Have you thought of your details yet? Details are so special…..


I love how Ben Finch Photography gathered all of her special items, even her perfume. Detail shots are some of my favorites! You know, those tiny details that sometimes go unnoticed.

I seriously love this photo! Hand in hand, as she steps down from their first look. Shoes and toes and gorgeous dress detail, all captured in the memories.


Speaking of first look, Stephen and Courtney are the first couple to share a first look on our new bridge.

It was such a precious moment, as she walked toward him and he waited in anticipation.


I love first looks! Whether they are done, like this, with just two people who are madly in love, having a private moment alone. Or whether they are done, as tradition, in front of family and friends. Either way, that first moment when their eyes meet, always makes my heart melt.


What about that first touch? That first embrace?


No one can prepare you for the way your heart races, for the way you feel it in your throat. That lump.

This is the one person, whom you have loved so much that you are ready to commit forever to them. And now here you are looking into their eyes for the very first time and it is full of emotion.


Be sure you memorize it. Be sure you breathe in every moment. I try so hard to stress this to every couple. Your day will absolutely fly by. Before you know it, you will be walking down the sidewalk, hand in hand, climbing into your car.

Memorize your first look. It doesn’t matter when you do it or where you are standing. Just memorize the look in his eyes, memorize the smile on her face, the smells surrounding you, the flipping in your stomach. Memorize it.

And then, whatever you do, never forget it.


My man built this bridge. His hands lifted the poles and laid the floor, he covered it with a roof and he gently placed the rocks. And as he did each of these things, he had first looks in mind. He had a bride and groom in his vision. This bridge was created in his mind and then by his hands, to create a moment for couples to share. A moment for couples to smile, to hold hands, to kiss. This bridge is all for love.

What am I talking about…. this whole place is for love! Everything we do, every day, is to see faces like this. To see love radiating from eyes and smiles that are contagious. This is why we do what we do.


After the vows are spoken and the “I Do” said, you celebrate that commitment. You celebrate the promises you just made to one another. Forever.

The best celebrations are the ones with laughter. Laughter is good for the soul. This is why we love speeches! Some speeches make the couple cry (and me too) and others have everyone crying from laughter. I love those stories. Those memories.


So when your night has come to an end. When you have laughed and cried, danced and sang, walk away slow. Hold hands. Slowly exit the doors of your once in a lifetime day.

Let your photographer capture you. The deeply in love you. The end of the day you.

The final wedding day kiss, surrounded by bubbles.


This Love. This Joy. These moments right here.

This is why we do what we do.


~ Jessica

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