Jonathan + Amber 4.22.18

April is known for it’s showers. It is know for preparing the ground and making things beautiful. I love that as April moves in, so does the green. There is something so exciting when I see bare branches begin blooming green leaves. The process is so amazing!

When you add new leaves blooming and water from the rain, the green is so bright and magnificent. His creation coming to life.

IMG_3804There is no need to stress over rain when you choose to be married here. We have an excellent Plan B. We want wedding day to be sunny just as bad as you do, but when the weather doesn’t cooperate, you can still have beautiful ceremony pictures under our covered patio.


Jonathan and Amber had the perfect day, minus the rain of course. Everything was absolutely gorgeous. Amber’s mom created the flower arrangements by hand and they added the perfect touch to the spring day. The perfect touch of green, white and pink.

Before the ceremony began, they choose to have a first look on the balcony. After I helped the photographer move everyone out of the room, I took a seat in the corner behind the cake. You see, I don’t normally get to see first looks if they aren’t done when walking down the aisle. These are private moments where they sneak away. I just happened to be at the right place, at the right moment.

I cried. I sat behind their tree of cupcakes and cried like a baby.


The way he looked at her, the way he took her into his arms and held her tight and cried, it was too much for me to handle. I absolutely go over the edge when I see a groom completely captivated by his bride to be.


Pictures on the balcony are so romantic. Surrounded by lights and greenery and full of kisses. It even makes for a great place to capture your bridesmaids dresses, hanging side by side to yours.


You know what else takes me over the edge? Moments like this. Moments of seeing the bride with her daddy. I love to see dads teary eyed and nervous, seeing them steady themselves to do something huge. To give their daughter away. To another man.

Heart swell.

But maybe you’re like me. Maybe you didn’t have this moment or maybe you are a bride to be and capturing this moment isn’t on your list. That’s okay too! I spent many years wondering why my dad didn’t love me this way. Wondering why I wasn’t good enough. Until one day I learned something that changed my heart forever. I learned that my heavenly father loves me more than I could ever imagine, I learned that my worth doesn’t come from someone who chooses not to be there. My worth is found in who God says I am. And so is yours.


I walked down the aisle toward my man, arm wrapped around my papas arm and it was a moment that even now, 17 years later, still brings a smile to my face. I am beyond thankful that I had that moment with the man who loved me dearly and shared so much wisdom.

It doesn’t matter who is walking you down the aisle, who is giving you away to the man of your dreams. What matters is that they spoke life into you, that they loved you unconditionally. So whether it’s your daddy, your mama, a grandparent, uncle or brother…. freeze that brief moment.

Freeze it. Look them in the eyes.

Whisper words of thankfulness into their ear. Be sure that person knows of your love and deep gratitude for them. This moment is harder for them that you think.

And then step up and make your lifelong commitment to the man waiting for you at the other end of the aisle.


This wedding party was beautiful with their one shoulder style dresses. It created the perfect look of elegance and the perfect colors for April.

IMG_6602 (1)

The covered bridge is famous yet again, as it gives shelter from the rain. I never imagined that it would offer such a romantic backdrop. Green blooms surround them and everything is wet from the rain, except them.



This moment could definitely be played out in a movie.


I love how Danna Nicholson Photography not only captured all of their day, but I love the wedding dress details. It seems like these so often go uncaptured, yet the work on it is so stunning. The details can’t be missed.


Whose favorite part of the night is cake? I know, I know….. most people.

I love cake. I love how every one is different. I especially love to see the faces of the bride and groom as they cut the cake. You love it too, right? The pictures are priceless!



The colors they chose throughout brought everything together perfectly. From the white & blush that she and her bridesmaids wore, to the navy suit and blush bow ties with suspenders the groomsmen walked out in. Color choice is key. It is a huge part of making your day yours. Be sure to bring your personality into all of the choices you make.

It is your day after all!

After much dancing and celebrating, they ended the night with a bouquet toss that will go down in history as one of my favorites. These ladies were bound and determined to catch it and all I can tell is it’s an arm coming from the back.

These flying arms and these faces is what the end of the night should look like. All the ladies are having a great time and hoping they catch the bouquet, so their celebration can be next. Good luck ladies!


As wedding day draws to an end, I am reminded that Jonathan and Amber are off to live some great adventures. Great adventures as husband and wife.


I pray that the two of you will always seek this joy that you have now and that you will always remember this feeling. And I hope that Jonathan will always carry you through the grass in the rain.



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