Justin + Savannah 5.5.18

The day has finally arrived…. our first wedding pictures in the Enchanted Forest.IMG_6738The rain may have come through and stopped Justin and Savannah from saying their vows in the forest, but the amazing Janet Lynn Photography caught many magical moments.

I love all of the small details. Everything from the rain drops hanging on the string lights, to the wet benches, to the little leaves caught in the puddles resting on the benches. Springtime has always been magical to me. I love watching creation come back to life.

IMG_6737Photography is an art. It is a gift.

The person standing behind the camera tends to have such an artistic side. Really they have to. When a photographer stands behind their lens and takes photos like this, all you see is creativity. We all get so excited over angles like this; views through the leaves.


I always knew that once we opened the Enchanted Forest for ceremonies, it would be a favorite place. And the truth is, after seeing these photos, I know it will be. It will be the perfect place to capture romance, to capture kisses and touches. Even if the ceremony doesn’t take place there, it will still stand as the backdrop and capture moments like these. All wrapped in the arms of trees.

IMG_6743Savannah was absolutely stunning in her Mermaid Wedding Dress. Words can’t even describe how gorgeous she was standing between these barn doors, waiting to see her groom for the first time.

Look at her glow. Natural Beauty.



The colors she choose for her May wedding were absolutely beautiful. When spring arrives, we so often think of pinks, but these tones were beautiful. The muted tones came together so perfectly, between her bridesmaids dresses and her bouquet.


We not only have a great back up plan for your ceremony if it rains, but we also have the perfect place for your sparkler send off. Even if it rains all day, you can still have the perfect send off.


The perfect send off, to the beginning of your happily ever after.

I hope that as you spend the days, weeks, and years ahead, walking hand in hand, that you will always use your gifts to shine.


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