Logan + Payton 5.12.18

I love details. I’d be willing to bet that you love them too. Our details may not be the same. You may love the combination of colors on a birds wings or the breathtaking details of a sun setting sky. Or maybe you love all the hidden details in movies or those in a novel that you can’t put down.

I love details. Details that tell a story. I love to see the colorful frames of a bride and grooms favorite things; to see their story come alive.IMG_4106You may just see wedding rings. I see 2 rings sitting together. Two circles with no beginning and no end. Two symbols of infinity. A circle is endless and eternal, just the way love should be. A wedding ring is endless. A marriage, eternal.

You know what else I see here? I see a man getting down on one knee, asking her to spend the rest of her days with him. I see her say yes. And the planning begins. This is why we are here.IMG_4105Speaking of planning, be sure you save all of your invitations! They make the best wedding day pictures. The engagement, the showers, the planning; it all looked so beautiful placed together on the rock. Perfect backdrop for their Enchanted Forest ceremony.IMG_4107All the planning….. Wedding day is finally here and you absolutely must take time to breathe it in. Stop and look around, breathe in the smells, listen to the birds.

This is your wedding day. Don’t let it go by in a blur. Slow down. Sit down. Breathe.

The time is almost here, when he will take her hand in his and they will promise to love one another forever. He is waiting.IMG_4109Our first ceremony in the forest could not have been more perfect. The simple green of the ferns and the gorgeous drape of the white flowers on the arch. Perfection.

This moment right here, with string instruments in the background, was so special. The fact that Logan and Payton would enter into their marriage with such a sacred act. Jesus humbled himself and washed his disciples feet. They did the same thing. It was truly humbling to witness.IMG_4112This shot represents pure joy.

All the emotions that lead up to wedding day can take a toll on everyone. The stress, the anxiety, the making sure you haven’t forgotten a single detail. The laughter and tears. It all leads to this one moment. And then before you know it there you stand, in front of family and friends, husband and wife. Pure Joy.IMG_4122The Lane is sure one of the favorite places to sneak off and have pictures. Just the two of you and your photographer. Sneak away. I promise you won’t regret it….. Especially when you see the pictures.IMG_4118A wedding in the woods has never looked so romantic. Trees and green, wooden benches and string lights, a bride and groom, candle flames dancing. Add some kissing to make the ceremony photo session complete. IMG_4121Around here we love groomsmen, but we may be a little partial to the bridesmaids. One of our favorite things is seeing wedding day come together. Seeing the colors that each bride chooses, the different styles of dresses, and her favorite flowers displayed.IMG_4119The shade of blue the bridesmaids walked down the enchanted forest aisle in was stunning. The green and white bouquets their hands held were the perfect match and added small hints of pink. Hello spring beauty.

Oh, and be sure you take lots of casual, fun photos. Fun pictures are the best.IMG_4117Stopping at the bridge for one last group photo before heading into the gorgeously decorated reception. The barn is adorned with wood and metal and the perfect amount of shimmer from the string lights. The white linens are dressed up perfectly with dinnerware, mix matched goblets, candles, and greenery. img_4124.jpgSitting down together, at the sweetheart table, is so much more than just dinner. This is sitting down to your first meal as husband and wife. Savor those bites and those drinks. Look into one anther eyes and enjoy your first meal as a married couple. Eat and Love.IMG_4125Your day will fly by, I know I say this all the time. I probably mention it in every blog, at least once, but it is because it is so important.

When we tell you your day is going to fly by, its because we see it happen every weekend. When we tell you to slow down and take it in, its because we hear brides all the time say they wished they had. When we tell you to breathe, its because this is your moment, you must breathe it in.IMG_4123Hold one another tight. Steal hands and steal kisses. Dance as if no one is watching.

Your wedding is a big step, a first step towards a great adventure. Wedding day brings so many firsts. Catch them and smile.

Smile big, because at the end of the night, you walk away with a new ring on your finger and lots of great pictures. Those pictures will give you a lifetime of memories. They aren’t just pictures. They are stories.IMG_4128These pictures, these love stories, these memories; this is why we do what we do.



**Caitlin Steva Photography did an absolute phenomenal job!

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