Daniel + Hannah 7.1.18

This is what wedding day is all about.


Saying Yes to forever and sliding rings onto each others fingers.

A symbol of forever. A sacred moment to treasure.

Everything beyond saying “I Do” in front of your family & friends and committing your forever to one another, is all just details. I mean, we all love details, but be sure to remember what wedding day is. Be sure you don’t get caught up in all the fuss and worry of details and perfection, that you miss the real moments.


Daniel and Hannah chose to have their ceremony in the Enchanted Forest and LL Floral in Nashville did a gorgeous job bringing out summer. The flowers and their colors were absolutely stunning!

They had a worship service during their ceremony. You felt every moment in your soul! From the live musicians and string instruments as she walked down the aisle toward her groom, to the moment that their closest friends circled around them to pray. To pray for who they will become as husband and wife. To pray for all the ways that God will use them. To pray for their strength and courage and new chapter in life. Together.


That moment was priceless!

Then their guests joined in worship with them. They stood to their feet and sang to God. They worshiped Him for who He is. They sang their hearts out. And that moment brought chills to our arms.


They exchanged rings and said their vows. They shared their first kiss. Then they turned to their guests and were announced Mr. & Mrs. Lopez. They cheered. Everyone cheered.


When you choose to have your ceremony in the Enchanted Forest, you are not only choosing romance in the woods, but also cooler temperatures no matter what season. The forest is in the shade all day, so even in the middle of summer you are able to feel the temperature difference. Perfect for a summer celebration.


The dresses that Hannah choose for her bridesmaids was seriously the perfect touch for a summer wedding. I cannot think of a better summer color and it was perfection when paired with the bouquets. So bright and airy.


Single peach roses and a mix of flowers added an elegant touch to the gorgeous tablescape. Dinnerware was delivered and set up by the awesome team at The Wedding Plate and it tied everything together at the reception.

A sweet congratulations to Daniel & Hannah! We wish you two the absolute best as you spend your lives and your marriage serving God and going where he calls you! We pray that He uses you to better His kingdom in ways far beyond your imagination!


Make sure you take a few minutes each summer to chase fireflies!

~ Jessica

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