Conner + Morgan 8.10.18


Conner & Morgan seriously looked like this all day. JOY filled.

There was so much Joy in their eyes and fun in their step. A beautiful, warm August day made for a fabulous summer wedding day. Mandy Chadwick did a phenomenal job capturing all of their moments! As you scroll down, you will see how she captured their first look, their private ready of vows, and so much more.

First Looks make my heart sing. I mean, I do love when couples choose to go the traditional route and not see each other until the bride is headed down the aisle to her groom. But I sure do love when couples capture these moments alone.

So… really… I love both options 100%.


Their First Look was the sweetest! For couples who choose to be married on The Firefly Lane farm, there are so many options for these moments. Conner & Morgan chose our new pathway for their once in a lifetime firsts. And after their eyes met for the first time, they stood together and read one another their vows.

Alone. Quite. Personal and Perfectly Private.


As the day went on and the time arrived, nested under the string lights, Conner & Morgan said “I Do” in the Enchanted Forest. Surrounded by family and friends and the peace that the woods bring.


This bridal party was On Point!! Love love love the one shoulder dresses and the gorgeous blue paired with the gray on the groomsmen. The simple elegance of the bouquets with the white roses and lots of thistle intertwined.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love thistle. Total favorite!


In case you haven’t caught on…. The Enchanted Forest is full of romance.

No matter if you choose to have your ceremony in the forest, like Conner & Morgan, or in the Barn’s Garden — you must steal away for a few moments and do some kissing in the forest. Run away, into the rustic romance, and grab a kiss or dance away, under the string lights.


Firefly Lane is not just a wedding venue. We are a farm with tons of land for you to roam and explore. We tell your photographer all the best spots, but sometimes their eye catches something new. Take as much time as you can and go enjoy the experience of a wedding in the country. Enjoy nature at its best.


I cannot end this wedding without sharing their guest book. It is the coolest idea! I mean, not only because they got married at Firefly Lane, but also because it is summer and I’m pretty sure that everyone loves fireflies (or lighting bugs if that’s what you call them).

All of their guests stuck their finger in yellow paint and left their fingerprint beside a set of wings. They lit up the fireflies.

Seriously — just the coolest idea to celebrate love, summer, and fireflies.


Conner & Morgan, you and your families were such a joy to work with! We pray that your marriage is filled with a love far beyond this world. We wish you a lifetime of Glowing Love!



Photo: Mandy Chadwick Photography

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