Derik + Bianca 10.20.18

Details are so much fun! I could literally look through them for hours. When a photographer like Brandon Keith comes in, there are even more great things to look at. I love how creative he is. Placing their wedding rings on our big rock that was full of rain water. The grooms attire and the lovely dress hanging beautifully from the Barn’s covered bridge.

So many couples struggle with to do a first look or not to do a first look. The struggle is real! There are so many pros and cons to both doing one and not. For couples who choose to go the traditional route, I love to see them do something else with their moment. Whether that is a reading of letters, holding hands, or having a prayer like this. It is so nice to breathe each other in as the wedding ceremony anticipations rise.IMG_2448Bianca seriously had the best wedding attire for everyone. Her gown was stunning with all the work on it and the way that it was perfectly formed to fit her body. The bridesmaids and their mismatched dresses was perfect for this fall wedding. I loved that each bridesmaid was able to choose the color that stood out to her the most, as well as what style they like best. It is so fantastic to add the different color and style elements into your wedding party. IMG_2368IMG_2433And then, of course, the groomsmen in their classic gray was the perfect pair with the bridesmaids. If you look closely you will see that the groomsmen even have their own bow tie colors. Absolutely on point!

Have I mentioned how stunning Bianca was? This dress, the bouquet, the hair and makeup; it was all perfectly paired and natural.

Their guests began to make their way across the bridges and into the Enchanted Forest ceremony site, to prepare to watch them say their vows. It was all so lovely. And then the flower girl and ring bearer made their way toward the aisle and absolutely stole the show with their preciousness. I can’t remember how this moment exactly ended, I’m sure someone was close by and gave this precious boy a nudge back into his wagon. But this picture is definitely one for the books.IMG_2449Bianca entered the Enchanted Forest with such beauty and grace and began her walk down the aisle to her groom. There, under the string lights and in front of an arch so beautifully adorned with greenery and a touch of flowers, they said “I Do” in front of all of their family and friends. And then sealed it with a kiss to make it official!IMG_2450IMG_2453IMG_2452IMG_2456The Enchanted Forest at The Barn is just that. Enchanted. Full of romance. It gives that vibe all the time, but in the fall when the ground is cover in leaves and the color is still hanging on the trees, it feels a little more so. 

Be sure you and your photographer run out to the farm and capture pictures in the fields. They are so timeless!

IMG_2466IMG_2467After their vows, it was time to celebrate and that is exactly what they did! IMG_2457The inside of the Barn was decorated with such a simple elegance. White linens added such a crisp look with the centerpieces mixed with flowers, glass lanterns, greenery, wood slices, and candles. It is so easy to make your tables look elegant, while keeping it simple.IMG_2428And just for fun, like these traditions usually add, Bianca decided to play with Derik when it was time for the garter. There is nothing more fun that watching a groom be blindfolded and then realizing he is touching another mans pants, not his brides wedding dress. I would tell you that there is nothing greater than a fun wedding. Maybe this isn’t your idea of fun, but whatever is… be sure to have some fun! It makes so many great memories for everyone.IMG_2468After dancing the night away and celebrating their big day it was time to head out the door. While all the guests were headed out the front door, these two stepped out the back. Alone in the dark of night to catch a few more glimpses of one another before the day came to an end.

Listen, this is your once in a lifetime night. You are no longer a guy and a girl, you are no longer someones fiance. You are a husband and wife, meant to spend the rest of your life married and serving one another.

So run out into the night, onto to that covered patio, and have a moment alone. Have a last dance alone or simply hug for some photos. Whatever you do… don’t rush through this moment. You are now headed into forever.IMG_2469Congratulations Derik and Bianca on taking moments for just you. Congratulations on saying “I Do” to one another and living that out. We pray that you two will continue to grow in your journey together, as you are out serving our country and one another!


Photographer: Brandon Keith Photography

Floral: Of the Fields Floral



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