Ryan + Britney 9.22.18

Wedding day just isn’t the same without your fur baby! Like so many other couples, Ryan and Britney just couldn’t imagine celebrating their love story without Cabella, or Bella for short, by their sides. And he did a great job!IMG_2914September weddings are proving to be a favorite of ours. The days are still long and a mix between warm and hot, as summer is drawing to an end, but the evenings are the perfect atmosphere for celebrating and dancing.

The greenery and feel of September is perfect! IMG_2918Britney looked absolutely gorgeous in her gown, with all it’s exquisite detailing. Ryan and his groomsmen, in their navy suits, added such a great touch alongside the romantic colors of the ladies. They had such a large wedding party and watching them was so much fun. From pictures, to dancing, and everything in between; these friends had the best time celebrating the bride and groom.IMG_2920IMG_0839IMG_2921The Barn at Firefly Lane is such a beautiful building. The paved sidewalk leads from the parking lot, all the way to the front door and then around to the ceremony location. This makes it so easy for your guests to get to where they need to be. I love how they added the wreaths to the front doors to add a little extra element to the front.IMG_2907They chose to have the wedding ceremony in the new Garden area, which was the perfect space for their wedding party of 26 people. The simple tree branch arch with it’s greenery and the beautiful landscaping, created the perfect look.IMG_2926This moment right here made me cry big fat crocodile tears. I know… you aren’t surprised… I seem to do that at most weddings. But when I watched their ring bearer walking down the aisle with a picture of his sister, it was more than I could handle. I can not imagine the pain that comes with the lose of a child. Unbearable. But what an honor to be able to celebrate her, in such a way, during this wedding. I absolutely love when couples honor those that have already gone to be with the Lord.IMG_2927Greenery everywhere. Have I mentioned how much I love September?IMG_2924IMG_2925You all know how much we love dogs around here! We always get so excited when couples want their pets to celebrate with them. We’ve celebrated with dogs, horses and a sweet little pig. Bring them on!!

Another super important factor of wedding day…. is food! Your stomach gets hungry, your body gets jittery, and well… you just get hangry. Be sure you set aside some time during the busy day of getting ready, to eat. You need food.

And then, if you want to have a little fun with it, take some pictures feeding each other pizza. Yes please!IMG_2923In between the covered bridge at The Barn venue and the Enchanted Forest ceremony site is a mulch filled pathway in the woods. After seeing these photos that Rendy Taylor took, I’m pretty sure it is the most romantic spot on the farm. Everything about these two photos screams romance.IMG_2930IMG_2929And then, of course, as you continue on past the covered bridge and the pathway, you come to the open bridge, which I have to say, is pretty romantic too. A long wooden bridge, covered in fallen leaves, with a man and woman so desperately in love.

Every. Day.IMG_2931The day came to a close with Ryan and Britney leaving the venue as husband and wife. All weddings end that way. You spend so much time planning and stressing and building up for this one day. Don’t let the planning and stress take over! Look at your soon to be spouse and take a deep breath. Breathe in your love story, the reason you are getting married. All the details of your wedding are important. But the most important part is that you are leaving as husband and wife.IMG_0838Congratulations Ryan and Britney on your beautiful day! Congratulations on enjoying every minute! We pray that your marriage will be a reflection of Christ and that you will breathe in all your lovely moments, until you are old and gray.


Photo: Rendy Taylor Photography






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