Greg + Ashton 12.15.18

IMG_3255Winter weddings are so beautiful! It is not only the crispness in the air, but also the colors. Ashton killed it with all her color choices for their December wedding!

It is such a fun tradition when the bridesmaids all get cozy together and take pictures. The outfits are always so different and range in what type of style the brides loves. In fall and winter we see tons of plaid… and I love it! I’m pretty sure you can’t get married in December without a little plaid somewhere. Of course, you really can, but I sure do love the warmth and feel it brings!IMG_3254Another thing we love in winter, is when detail shots are taken with evergreen branches. YES, please! I love how gorgeous this is! 

Greg and Ashton chose to not have a first look and this moment was incredible! These moments will never get old. I could be part of them every single weekend or see them relived in photos and the feelings are still the same. They are priceless.

Back to back, hand in hand, heart racing. It is the best! You know, it doesn’t matter if you have been together for 6 months or 5 years when your wedding day arrives. The nervous stomach and racing heart are always there and always real. This is the best moment! (Besides saying “I Do” of course)

Greg and Ashton chose to say their vows in our garden area and it was stunning. One of the greatest things about our garden, is that even when all the leaves have gone for the season and the branches are bare, the garden still offers lots of greenery for your pictures!

This sign, please no pictures, was the saying of the year. And it is so important! This helps your guests know your wishes and follow them. Wedding day is a huge deal and you pay a good bit of money for your photographer to capture it in all its beauty. The last thing anyone wants, is someone sticking their hand out in the aisle to capture their version of your wedding (which can never compare to the professional).

I often tell couples that this sign is a great idea and I hands down think they should use one! But I also add the fact that they should have their officiant announce it as well! Some of your friends and family will see the sign and kindly ignore it, acting as if they didn’t know. And then that person will be the one with the phone (or worse yet… ipad) in all your pictures. If your officiant announces it before the ceremony begins, everyone is on the same page. And when it’s announced, people are a lot less likely to do it anyway.IMG_3258The double doors slid open, at the Barn, and Ashton began making her way down the aisle toward Greg. Is there anything more moving than a groom that is moved by his soon to be wife, headed toward him. It gives us all the feels, makes us tear up, and our hearts smile. I know you all feel the same feeling too. It is one of the things we all hope to witness. IMG_3261After they became husband and wife, they hopped into the golf cart and began their drive through the farm for pictures. I love how Jonathan captured them! All the evergreens that don’t get to stand out during the rest of the year, really showed out here!IMG_3263IMG_3267IMG_3266Okay– these dresses! I have no words! I absolutely love how creative these are. The colors are so gorgeous and absolutely perfect for a winter wedding. Not only were the white sweaters gorgeous paired with the soft blue, but the bridesmaids were also able to keep warm!IMG_3256IMG_1023It is always so fun to see photos with this much creativity. Pictures layered over pictures. Jonathan is such a creative photographer!IMG_3265IMG_3268Ashton and Greg had the Barn looking exceptional. Their tables were so simple, which created so much beauty for this winter wedding. Touches of silver, burning candle light, and touches of white and blue flowers; so elegant.

They chose to have their bridal party eat dinner on the balcony, which is such a fun option! This allows you a few minutes to eat your dinner while it is hot, to spend time just the two of you, or to celebrate a few minutes with just your bridal party.IMG_3248IMG_3251During speeches, they stood on the balcony and laughed and cried, all while their guests had the perfect view of them. The guests were able to be part of the toasts and see all the emotions of the bride and groom.IMG_3272IMG_3271Megalicious creates such beauty with her cakes. So many couples are now opting for smaller cakes, with cupcakes or different types of desserts for guests. The simplicity of this cake and it’s flowers went perfectly with her wedding design.IMG_3273Most wedding nights include lots of laughs when it comes time for the garter toss. We have seen it all…. from grooms dancing on brides, to butts shaking, money being thrown, to ones like this where he is almost completely under the gown. It always fills the room with laughter.IMG_3275IMG_3276This is my favorite picture! Wedding day is done. They are now Mr. & Mrs. and literally running down the sidewalk with joy. It was such a fun night, filled with tons of laughter!

We pray the absolute best for you both. We pray that your marriage will be filled with grace and loads of laughter!


Photo: Jonathan Stout

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