Jason + Abby 4.13.19

April Showers bring such beauty. When March rolls around and blooms start to sprout, I get so excited for Aprils arrival and all the color that the Redbud trees bring. And to top off that beauty, you add diamond rings to it and the details are gorgeous!Wedding Details 2The Barn venue has this Lane and photographers absolutely love it. The shades that surrounded Abby were stunning. It did rain on their wedding day, but like I tell spring couples so often, the rain comes and usually goes and the colors are to die for afterwards.IMG_8744You all know that I am a detail person. My heart gets so happy every time I see brides using family heirlooms. Everything in this picture makes me smile. It is just so special to have parts of your history intertwined into your wedding day. What are your special pieces going to be?IMG_4143Jason & Abby chose to have a moment alone reading their vows to one another. It was such a special moment and one that is forever captured here.

If you don’t want to have a first look, there are so many creative options that you can do. You can share moments like this and still not see each other before you walk down the aisle.IMG_4131The dresses Abby chose for her bridesmaids were so stunning. The mixture of colors and textures and how well they all go together is remarkable. Top that with the bouquets full of greenery and pops of white that Geny’s Bridal and Floral delivered and it is the perfect picture.IMG_4137Although the arch was set up and decorated in the garden, the rain decided it wasn’t moving out in time, so it had to be moved under the patio. The patio really does provide a perfect place for a rainy wedding. Everything was just as beautiful in it’s new space.IMG_8742A little bit after the ceremony, the rain moved away and the bridal party was able to catch some great photos. The arch was quickly moved back to it’s original place and the greenery and Redbuds shining through, added the perfect backdrop. I love what a fun picture this is. The groomsman with his glasses in his mouth especially makes me giggle.

What fun pictures do you have planned? If you don’t yet, take some time to browse online and get some ideas. Fun pictures are so awesome and will be treasured for years.IMG_8743IMG_4133IMG_4136Once Jason and Abby finished with all their party and family photos, they headed back down in the Lane (where Abby had her bridal shots) for some stunning couple ones. The crispness that surrounds them here is indescribable and Janet Lynn Photography did an incredible job capturing it all.IMG_4138 (1)Then it was time to hop on the golf cart and head to the pond for more husband and wife photos. Jason’s blue suit was such a great choice for their April wedding and the cascading greenery of her bouquet just tied it all together, like a perfect bow.IMG_4141April may be known for rain, but it is also known for beauty. It holds so much. And though things are often wet, you can’t tell that in photos. Everything just shines bright and brilliant. I absolutely love all the blooms that their wedding photos hold.

Nature is simply stunning.IMG_4142It was such an honor to walk through the wedding planning season with you! We were so honored to be able to serve you with one of our all-inclusive packages and help you to have a stress free season.

We wish you two the absolute best and pray that you will always look fondly on the Spring season. It is now yours to treasure!


Photo: Janet Lynn Photography

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