John + Gina 5.19.19

John and Gina had their wedding at the Barn venue, but they were the first couple to have a photo in front of the Chapel. In this photo, the Chapel was still a little over a month from being complete. And even though we knew from the beginning that we wanted the Chapel to be white, this photo really made us second guess that decision. We loved the contrast of the natural wood here.

Take a few minutes to enjoy the images that Anna Glass Photography so perfectly captured, as we walk you through their Enchanted Forest ceremony and pictures throughout our Dickson farm. It was an absolute gorgeous spring day here in Tennessee.
Wedding dress details are always one of our favorites. Gina’s was beautifully covered in lace and looked so elegant hanging from the mirror in the bridal suite.

There is no greater sight than a mother getting her daughter ready to walk down the aisle.
What a moment to treasure!
The Enchanted Forest is one of The Barn wedding venues most popular ceremony locations. So many couples love the idea of a ceremony in the woods. It is so romantic and truly enchanting.
The Enchanted Forest is also so easy to decorate because nature does most of the work for you. All Gina did was add a small arrangement to the upper left corner of the arch and bring in ferns and lanterns. It was the perfect touch.
Gina’s mom walked her down the aisle, toward John, and their faces were priceless!
I truly love seeing moms have this honor! I would have loved for my mom to walk me down the aisle 18 years ago. But it wasn’t a thing… or if it was I had no idea.
And then.
They are such a great idea after you say I Do and are walking back down the aisle. So many couples choose to do bubbles when they are doing their send off, at the end of the night. But I loved how Gina incorporated them during the ceremony. It sure made for some beautiful photos!

These bridesmaid dresses, in the mix matched floral pattern, are perfect for a spring look! We definitely are loving how more and more weddings are going with the mix match look for their bridesmaids dresses. We are also loving all the floral ties we are seeing groomsmen wearing. Bring on all things floral!

You know we love dogs here. Right?!

If not, let this guy show you how much joy they will bring to your day. This dog was constantly giving his humans kisses and it was simply the best.

What a perfect wedding day this was.
Not only were we able to watch them become husband and wife, we were also able to watch them have the greatest time at their reception. Their band sang and everyone danced the night away. I remember watching Gina sing with the band and her voice was simply amazing! It is always so much fun when weddings have live bands at their receptions!
Congratulations John & Gina!
We are so thankful that we were able to celebrate your love story with you. We wish you a lifetime of love and singing!


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