Derek + Steffi 7.6.19

This summer wedding was absolutely beautiful! As you browse through you will love all the colors that Derek and Steffi chose, as well as the style they created. July may be warm, but it sure is a beautiful month!

We recently added the picket fence and the string lights, to our garden ceremony site, at The Barn wedding venue. All of these beautiful green plants, paired with the white chairs, make such a beautiful place to say your vows. We loved how they used the tree stumps at the beginning of the aisle to create a welcoming entrance. The light blue mason jars and candles were so beautiful and tied in perfectly with the blue suits. I sure love it when brides coordinate everything, down to the last detail.

The covered bridge is still one of my favorite things at the Barn. I absolutely love how the cedar tree and nature wraps all the way around it.
Navy is perfect! It offers such an elegance when it comes to bridesmaids dresses and groomsmen suits. And to have the groom wearing a light blue suit with a navy tie. It all worked together perfectly!
That bridge. Aahhhh. There are no words for how beautiful she stands. Especially when holding the feet of a newly married couple.
Derek and Steffi had a great time at the pond. I love how Milly Photography captured all of their moments and helped them create some great memories. That is what your photographer should be doing! Creating moments that will last a lifetime.

They had such a fun reception and entered into the Barn in complete style. I always love when couples enter the room full of guests in fun and unique ways. It is always so exciting to watch.

Be sure your photographer takes you to the patio and captures you under all the lights. It truly is a magical place to be.
When the night comes to an end and you are headed away as husband and wife, I hope you can look back and feel like you captured every moment you wanted to capture. The night will fly by, so be sure you have someone helping you stay on track and get every moment in you can. It truly will go by faster than you ever imagined. The last thing you want is to feel that you missed it because you were stressed.
Live the dream and walk down our long sidewalk, toward you car with the best feeling you have ever had.
The feeling of Love & Pure Joy.

We pray that for Derek & Steffi and we pray that for each and every one of you.

Live every moment like it’s your last. Knowing that God has given you love and you need to live in the moment and capture all the memories and all the details. You will be so thankful, as the years pass by, that you have them to look back on and remember. Live.


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